+27 (082) 881 6251 • PERMITS ARE AVAILABLE AT SEVERAL OUTLETS IN TOWN • chairperson@clarensvillageconservancy.com
Clarens Village Conservancy

The Clarens Village Conservancy, a registered non-profit organisation (068-115-NPO) is a conservancy established in May 2004, run by a committee and its field rangers. Our conservancy is supported by residents of Clarens. We all care about our environment and sustainable development. A permit is required for all activities in the Clarens nature reserve, which includes hiking, mtb and fishing for non-members.

Blue Gottle Store,Clarens Brewery, Clarens Golf Estate, Clarens Interiors, Clarens Xtreme, Clementines, Courtyard Bakery, Highland Coffee, Il Castello, Mona Lisa Gallery, Parkrun, Protea Hotel, Rother Hahn, Jacket Shop, Treat, Time and Again, Mountain Odyssey. 


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