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The 2019 Edition of the CVC Hiking Trails Map is available now and includes the Parkrun Routes. It is for sale in several stores in Clarens and can be ordered online as well.

Cluny created their own Sweepstake!

They have 1000 tickets available for sale.
 Each ticket will cost R100. Thus, R25 k up for grabs! Why would they run a Sweepstake? According to the spokesperson for the Cluny Animal Trust, the National Lottery Commission no longer shares funding to animal welfare...

Our first Parkrun drew in the crowds!

The Parkrun craze took hold of us as well. The first Parkrun in Clarens was held on 30 March, 2019. Runners were let loose at 08:00. Many followed at a slower pace. It is about fun. It is about starting our day well. Bruce Fordyce explains how Parkrun came...

Its Garbage

Individuals from around Clarens, have been actively removing household refuse from residential areas as well as from the black and yellow CVC bins - dragging them into the Clarens Nature Reserve and the streams - ripping them open and leaving the refuse-strewn around...

Clarens Dam fixed

We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together The wall at the Clarens dam was about to break. We gathered our friends and they did not disappoint! Our Rangers cleared the area.And the work commenced. Bricks, sand, stone, cement, grid and all...

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