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Clarens Formation Sandstone

Millions of tons of sand exposed to the elements in multi-coloured layers indicate the chemical composition of the layer it comprises the sandstone, siltstone or mudstone. You can see the Clarens Formation Sandstone, hidden underneath lies the Elliot Formation...

Clarens Community Feedback

On 21 May, Monday, The Clarens Community Forum  (CCF) will report on their meeting with Clarens’ Ward Councillor and the Dihlabent Municipality officials who are responsible for water, sewerage, refuse, roads and town planning in Clarens. The CCF scheduled an event...

CVC honoured for their role in conservation

The CVC won a certificate of Excellence in recognition for its environmental efforts from the Phaphama Youth Development Initiative. Ntsebe Mofokeng,  Organizer at Phaphama Youth Initiative, with Will Mulders, Chairman at the CVC, proudly showing off the certificate....

Maluti Double90

They let them loose at 06:30 120 teams 180 km Highest point in the Golden Gate: 2050m asl. Steepest gradient: Mine Shaft at roughly the 155km mark The route starts off deceptively gently, with mild hills from Clarens towards Bethlehem. There is a water point exiting...

As far as the Advendurance MTB goes

Please take note that the annual Advendurance MTB has been canceled. The race, scheduled for 6 – 8 April 2018 is no longer taking place. Not for us to reason why!

Klopse gesels wapens!

Die Klopse-spreker, Bastiaan Verhoek wat vroeër jare by Denel gewerk het, gesels oor wapenontwikkeling- en die uitvoerbedryf komende Maandag 26 Maart @ 18:30 by die Methodiste saal. Bring ’n klein bordjie verversings (genoeg vir jouself) saam?

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