August 2021


by Willie le Roux

Major trail maintenance was conducted on Caracal, Lower Clarens Mountain trail and Red route up from Berg Street. These routes were severely erorded by cattle and heavy rains. Steps were built from rocks and gullies were made to control water-flow and making them safer for hiking. Heavy growth of Khakibos or Blackjack were experienced this season from the heavy rains and a lot of time was spent on clearance. Time was also spent on alien clearing and applying herbicides to avoid regrowth. Bridges damaged by flooding were repaired like the ones at Marti Lotz and van Zyl Streets, also Mallen walk bridge was rebuilt (improved) for safe crossing. All bridge decks on the trails were treated with carbolinium to increase life expectancy and keep them save for hiking. New improved entrance signs were erected at all major entrances to the Nature reserve.


Chairperson Bastiaan Verhoek 

Vice Chairperson Sjoerd de Boer 

Conservation and Management of Rangers

Willie le Roux

Bo van der Lecq

Grant Pentelow

Chief Ranger Alfred Mokoena 

Funding Bastiaan Verhoek & Sjoerd de Boer 

Municipal Co-ordination 

Sjoerd de Boer 


Linda Kearns 

Marketing and Event Management

Madeleine Scholtz & Mandy Nel 

Environment Education

Bo van de Lecq 


Yvonne Jonker 


Yvonne Jonker & Linda Kearns

The last bridge

The Clarens Village Conservancy has recently completed what could be called “the last bridge” in our protected nature areas. Knowing that it is not so nice to walk with wet tekkies, the CVC has built a total of eleven foot bridges since 2017. These were built to beautify our village, to create more pleasant routes, and to make a safe parkrun route possible and be bike friendly. We mostly used scrapped power-line poles, supplied by Escom, with deck materials sponsored by various community members and a visiting sponsor. You will find the last bridge at the upper junction of the Mallen and Spruit walks, near Steyn Street.

New CVC Agreement with the Dihlabeng Municipality

The Dihlabeng Municipality and the CVC recently signed a new service delivery agreement for conservation and recycling, valid for a period of 3 years.

The original agreement expired in 2018, and after thatthe CVC maintained and managed the Clarens NatureReserve only with a verbal mandate from theMunicipal manager, and without any subsidy forrangers’ salaries.

We wish to thank Mr Kobedi, our new Unit Manager, for his support and role in finalising the agreement.

This agreement gives the CVC full authority to applythe rules of nature conservation in the Clarens NatureReserve and will assist in improving Clarens as adestination of choice for visitors.


Annually, the Clarens Village Conservancy arranges for the burning of fire breaks in the Clarens Nature Reserve on the Southwestern border of the village.

In this we are supported by the Clarens Fire Association and the Working on Fire team. In terms of a fire risk for properties in our village, this is the side of town with the highest risk, which is further increased by the many easy-burning Bluegum trees south of Hill Street.

We thank the fire teams and Riempies (coordinator) for their support.


The recycling is up and running again. Our brand new Centre is situated at the Municipal Transfer Site. We urge all businesses and residents to please support us by recycling all your recycable material. We take all cardboard, paper, plastic, glass and cans. It is unfortunate that we cannot recycle polystyrene and milk cartons. We invite everybody to visit us in person, this way you will be pleasantly surprised to see what we do and how we operate. We would like to thank each person who did their part in the past, and to everybody who supports us.