The Birder Walk

The Birder’s Route is an easy going route and is great for the whole family, both young and old.

foothill adventurer

Entering this hairpin bend notice the unique array of plants, compare this with the surrounding vegetation. The larger and greener growth form is evidence that water in these water-scarce surrounds, is essential to its survival. Looking at the little pool one realize just how important the mountain catchment areas are to Clarens and the rest of the Eastern Free State, especially during winter!

We planted many indigenous trees, bushes, and saplings last season to mitigate erosion. We also sowed some grass seed, cleared alien invaders to ensure that our conservation area remains ecologically stable. 


Then there is the overhang. At closer inspection of the sandstone, you will see iron mottles of variable size.These indicate the presence of seasonal wetland conditions that existed under an ancient climate where water fluctuation caused the drying and leaching of soils respectively. It is a testament to the prehistoric remains of a forgotten era. Look at the sandstone underfoot. See the scars in the rock-face? These are not freak erosion patterns. It was formed by lichens which secrete biological acids into the substrate which then dissolves, hence the nickname, rock-eating plants!


(700 M/15 MIN)

This trail is perfect for a late afternoon stroll and overlooks the Maluti Mountain Range. It is the ideal vantage point to watch the sunset and offers a great view of  Phahameng and Kanana. Turn right into Scilla Walk following the green marker or continue straight on the upper branch of Scilla Walk.

leocosida trail

(2.2 km/2 hours)

This trail connects the Scilla Walk with the lovely Kloof Dam and hosts a myriad of flowering plants in the warmer months.

Follow directions as for the Kloof Dam Trail. Continue straight past the multi-coloured arrow along the dam. Turn left at either left forks, pass the reservoirs. Follow the orange markers to meet up with the Scilla Walk, or continue on the main vehicle path to the Ridge Estate and back to town.

porcupine trail

(3.5 km/1 hour)

This trail is ideally suited for the hiker who wants to go a little farther afield. Keep an eye open for geology that provides evidence of a prehistoric wetland.

From the square follow the directions as for the Kloof Dam Trail. Turn right at the multi-coloured marker, right again following the red markers up the stairs, and left at the 2 large pines following the cream and black markers.

“Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.”  Chief Seattle

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