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Titanic Challenge Trail Run

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9 · 06 · 22

The atmosphere at the first cross country race the CVC ever organised was electric, the weather played its part, and most of the athletes proved that they were indeed Up for The Challenge! The 35km run kicked off at 7 am, the 21km at 7:30am, and the 10km run at 8:15am on a magical saturday september morning. (3/9/2022)

As the team promised, all 3 routes had amazing views. Awesome race photographers volunteered their services and made most of the trails. You can view and purchase your Race Photos by clicking on the link below and typing in ‘Titanic Challenge‘ as there are a few different folders. 

A whopping 560 athletes registered for this, our first, race. As far as we could tell, all had a good time.

Images for slider: Karel Meyer

35 km run

Amongst the men Gary Calitz came in first at 03:26:37 with Trude Carstens at 03:58:47 among the ladies.

21 km run

Men: Fusie Dhlamini finished first in 01:49:34 Ladies: Simone Malan in 02:08:14

10 km run

Men: Monyatsuwa Mofokeng  in 00:52:37 Ladies: Kerry Walton in 01:00:53

Here’s to the volunteers!

Image: Zane Frost

To our amazing volunteers, sweepers, route clearers and markers, trail supporters, water point peeps, marshalls, race organisers, medics, photographers, sponsors, donors, vendors a huge thank you! All the proceeds of the Titanic Challenge Trail Run went to the Clarens Village Conservancy for the maintenance and upkeep of the trails and reserve.


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  1. Well organized
    Needed a second waterpoint.
    Needed a halfway marker
    And also on the last piece 1 or 2 km to go
    As you came in your bottle water and medal to be handed to you or atleast inform you where to go


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