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What in the world?

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Hyobanche rubra

Known in English as Broomrape, in Afrikaans as “Aardroos” and in Sesotho as “Moshoafeela”, this unusual plant belongs to the snapdragon family.

It has an underground stem and is a parasite, living off the roots of another plant. The portion above ground is the inflorescence with dark pink to red flowers.

The name Hyobanche means “to strangle” and the Sotho name is equally perceptive and may mean “the naked one which kills”, alluding to its ability as a parasite to kill its host plant.

A similar species in the Western Cape is known as “Katnaels”and “Skilpadkos”.


Scilla natalensis

Merwilla plumbea (Scilla natalensis) is a graceful perennial bulb, and with its tall plumes of blue flowers, the showiest of the South African scillas. It is deciduous, growing during summer and dormant in the winter. It can grow up to 1 m tall, often in large...

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How Yellow!

How Yellow!

This delightful bulb (actually a corm), known as Yellow Tritonia, with its very striking yellow flowers belongs to the Iris family and is fairly common in the Nature Reserve. It is normally solitary and is currently in flower on the Scilla walk. It is also called,...

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A pink walk indeed

Hesperantha schelpeana. One of the early Spring jewels in the CVC is this stunning Hesperantha schelpeana.   Currently in flower along the Mallen Walk, it, together with Hesperantha baurii are two plants endemic (only found here) to the Drakensberg and surrounds....

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The Iris Family

The Iris Family

Image: Joan Keyter Rodney Moffett (Research associate, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UFS) contributing with a series of articles regarding the more interesting plants in the Clarens Village Conservancy. SOME OF THE MORE INTERESTING PLANTS IN THE CLARENS VILLAGE...

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