Declaring war against the invading Robinias.

The invasive Robinia tree has recently taken over big areas in our Clarens Nature reserve, particularly in the Titanic area, and in the valley below the Scilla and Maluti View trails. The CVC decided to use extra casual labour for two weeks, working with our own Rangers to cut the trees and treat the remaining roots with herbicide.

The Robinia has long thorns which makes cutting and handling a difficult task. Even the firewood collectors shy away from the cut wood.

The CVC will now make it a priority to find and cut more “lonely trees”, and regularly patrol cut areas and stop any further growth. The application of herbicide is unfortunately not 100% effective and follow-up is important.

The 2 weeks clearing project has cost the CVC R13 000.

It remains the goal of the CVC to keep our beautiful natural surrounds in good state, and we appeal to our residents to support them. Donations are not only welcome, they are essential.

The CVC Robinia clearing team. Piet (3rd from left) and his casual workers together with two of our rangers.

Left to its own device it will grow into a tall tree…

…and produce some flowers as well!

The Robinias form an extremely thick bush, obviously unaffected by the current drought.

Very good progress has been made.

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